Monday, March 22, 2010

Sewing, LAMQG Style!

Yesterday was LAMQG 3 weekend sew (and my 2nd). This one day a month is quickly turning into one of the things I most look forward to each month. We had more than 20 people working on various projects yesterday. So much inspiration, so many fun fabrics, and so much fun chatting. Emily, our wonderful guild photographer, took a few shots that I was in, including one of me sewing (which I asked for), and making a really scrunchy/squishy face, which I seem to do a lot in her photos. I still really love the photo of me sewing, thanks Emily!

The problem with the weekend sew (and Monday Meetings) is that the rest of the week, especially the immediate days after, all I can think about is sewing and fabric, which makes it hard to get anything else accomplished!


  1. I totally understand your preoccupation with sewing in the days that follow!! ME TOO! Sorry about the scrunch face, there were actually others that were better, but you weren't in focus. This "guild photographer" has a lot to learn and I seemed to screw up most of those shots of you. I'll do better next time! Promise! I thought the one of you sewing with that "scrunchy" face was kinda cute actually! I wish that I could come on the Saturdays too, but I will just have to look forward to every other month and Monday meetings! See you in a couple weeks!!

  2. Sewing/Fabric obsession? Whatever do you mean? The good thing about the meetings & weekend sews is that we are surrounded by others who enable our addiction!

    BTW, I like the squishy face... such determination! :)