Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Quilt - My Jungle and Forest Friends

So I finished the squares for this baby quilt I am making, and I love it so much. The squares haven't been all squared off and I still need a back, because I HATE the one I bought (this is why you bring the quilt/squares/fabric into a store to chose a back and don't order one you think might work online).

Anyway the squares are 15 inch log cabin (or they should be when I cut them) with a 7ish inch square in the middle. Log cabins seem to usually have smaller center squares, I really like the look of the big center square. 12 squares total, 6 with hand embroidered center squares and 6 with coordinating animal print fabrics. The giraffe square (pictured below), is my favorite, I want to make another one for a pillow, I just love that little giraffe sooo much. Even though not all the embroidered squares have been finished (I still have 2 left to complete), I had to finish the log cabin parts, because I was sick of just embroidering plain white squares. I'll be purchasing the back tonight (I hope), because I have to have everything ready for next Sunday and the LAMQG weekend sew, so I can do my stippling all at one time. Hopefully I can come up with a better option then what I have at home.

The title of the quilt "My Jungle and Forest Friends" is because of the hand emrboidered squares, 3 of which are more jungly (hippo, giraffe and elephant) and 3 of which are more foresty (deer, birds and a skunk [which everyone thinks is a squirrel]). Every square I embroidered has a little bird in it. When I showed a friend a couple of the squares (I forget who this was) there was a little bird in 2 of them and they said I should put a bird in all the squares, and I loved the idea. Some of the birds are much better then other birds, maybe I should take some photos of just the bird parts of the squares to show you what I mean.

Kelly, if you are reading this post, and you don't want to see Savannah's quilt then read no further (I'll try to put the photos down the page some). I just had to post them though, because I love the overall look, but you know me, not so good with surprises. Plus I am so excited to get the blocks mostly completed.

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