Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I made: Baby Edition

The focus on this was supposed to be on what I made for baby rather then the baby, however she is sooo darn cute it is kind of both.

I finished everything on her jungle book quilt except the binding before I gave birth, and then when I was in all day long monitoring 2 days before my water broke, I started hand sewing the binding. Well that binding didn't finished getting sewed on until late May, but now the quilt sits beautifully on the edge of her crib.

The jungle book print is from Heather Ross, I think it was only made into PJ's, I spent way tooo much money on it. But I loved the jungle book as a kid and I had to make a quilt with this print as the focal point.

The pink elephant was completed before she was born and I love how she now likes to suck on the trunk of said elephant (who was named Ellie by my husband), in my long line of to be completed projects I have two more elephants cut out and waiting to be sewn for friends whose babies arrived long ago.

Another Round of Bee Blocks: Doors and Windows

Someone asked me recently what I'd been sewing, and I swear I have actually been sewing a ton, but I also have found that being a mom is sometimes all consuming and blogging is the last on my list of priorities. I have several blog posts in the works for months, but felt that the pictures weren't' good enough or that I didn't have the time to write as much as I wanted. So, I am just going to start posting again, as often as I can, even with lackluster pictures or not as much text as I would like.

Here are my two blocks for Kelly from my Bee Happy Quilting Bee, she asked for one window and one door block, these were really hard for me to figure out what I wanted to do, but I like how they both turned out!