Monday, March 1, 2010

Hippity Hop

So I was telling my friend Bonnie last week that I had an image of a stuffed bunny in my head and I wanted to make dozens of them and send them to friends and family for Easter. Problem is when you have images in your head, it is hard to make them translate onto paper and even harder to make the fabric version look like the one in your head. I actually have lots of crafty ideas swirling around my head, some of which may be impossible to get a fabric version of, but my almost success with Mr. Bunny give me hope.

So the first bunny pattern did not turn into a bunny, it turned into a weird skinny creature. There will not be pictures of this bunny fail, but I do have the little guy in my sewing bag. Some discussion with dear Skywalker about the unsuccessful first pattern led to changes in patter number two, including his request to make the bunny have more Velveteen Rabbit type ears (the fact that my husband used Velveteen Rabbit as a reference point was shocking, if you have met him, it probably would have shocked you too).

Bunny #2 was a overwhelming success, well maybe not overwhelming, but certainly a success. He even stands on his own. Changes to future bunnies, overall rounder shape, longer ears, a cottontail and eyes evenly spaced on both sides of his head. I also love the idea of making one with strips of fabric, so he or she could be extra stripey. Also I want I want to make some a bit smaller, which will pose some pattern difficulties.

On the positive side, he really didn't take very long to make (if you take out the time I had to redo some mistakes in sewing), only about an hour and a half with his embroidered eyes (I am sure with more practice I can get it down to less time). Also he is already being loved by a cute cute little boy (my 2nd cousin), so now I have to make another one for myself, and maybe a whole bunch of them to sit on a shelf on our bookcase, or to send to people for easter.

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  1. Hee heee, I love that bunny! And I love softies that don't have legs and therefore are very sturdy. Make a patchwork one next!