Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spiderweb Quilt Blocks - Follow-Up Part 2

Several comments have made me realize that it is not as easy as I thought to get the Spiderweb Quilt Block tutorial. I thought it was, since when I click on it I just get to download it, but I guess you have to be a member of the site in order to be able to do that, which I didn't completely realize. Anyway if you are having trouble downloading/opening the file, just e-mail me. I just updated my profile with my e-mail address, so it should be easy enough to do that. I have a pdf I can send as an e-mail attachment, if that makes things easier.

Castle Peeps Love

Success!! Castle Peeps was available at Michael Levine this past weekend. Dreams do come true! :) Oh I love it even more in person, I really do. I bought too much (not just Castle peeps) and subsequently I am on a fabric purchasing moratorium until July 26th, however at least there is some new pretty in my stash. I wish it had been the blue and not the green that Michael Levine had, I just hope that when I am allowed to purchase fabric again in July the blue is still available.

I know some think that it is totally a kid line of fabric, but to be honest, I just really think it is going to be for myself. I really like the idea of making it into a large squared simple picnic blanket!

Also because I can;t figure out how to get blogger to do what I want with formatting and such, I am going to write a separate post about new pretties for my stash and a couple photos of our downtown field trip.

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Friday...

There are exciting things happening this weekend, but sadly no berry picking (which is always what I wish I was doing on summer weekends). Tonight skywalker and I are baking strawberry shortbread bars (our standard go to easy to make dessert) and these. I can't wait for some batter of both things. Tomorrow, the LAMQG is having a field trip to Michael Levine in Downtown Los Angeles' Fabric District. I have yet to visit Michael Levine, despite my love of fabric, sewing and such, because as much as I love fabric I hate driving anywhere in downtown Los Angeles (yes this is partially because of stupid traffic tickets), and I'm even a native Los Angeleno. Also, I worry about my self control in a store that has so much of what I love all in one place. I better come up with an acceptable budget before the trip. Our group gets a discount that day, which is pretty cool and we are getting a behind the scenes tour, which is also cool. I am bringing my camera, because I never do, to LAMQG events, and I want some pictures of my own. Whether or not this happens, who knows.

What I am hoping to see most at Michael Levine is some Castle Peeps (pics below), because I want all of it, and I have ever since I first saw pics. It is just now available online, so who knows if they will have it tomorrow (I'll order next week if it is unavailable). You know why I love it so much, because it reminds me of the animated version of Sleeping Beauty, which is one of my favorites. Check out this picture and tell me you don't see the similarity. I have to dream up a quit worthy of these fabrics and then figure out a way to live in said quilt. One more project to add my my ever growing to do list.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spiderweb Quilt Blocks - Follow-Up

I have heard some requests that I post the tutorial I created for the Spiderweb blocks for my month in the {Bee Mod} Quilting Bee. The ones I have gotten back are gorgeous and I can't wait to make the quilt.

So I made a PDF of the tutorial, partly because I have trouble reading and printing other blog tutorials, and think PDFs are easier and partly because I have the most trouble getting pictures to be where I want in blog posts on blogger.

So here is the tutorial, let me know if you have any questions/need some help with it. I would love it if you left me a comment or became a follower because of this tutorial.

Spiderweb Quilt Block Tutorial_nonbee

Monday, June 7, 2010

MiniQuilt (and Mexico too)

LAMQG has a mini-quilt swap tonight, and I wasn't sure I would get it done, but I did, and although the pictures don't do it justice, I really love it. I made the center square while sitting on the beach in Mexico over the past week and then whipped out the quilt yesterday, thus the not so perfect bias tape binding. I rushed the pictures this morning and they didn't turn out so great, but you should get the gist.