Friday, March 12, 2010

Cards, Scrapbooking, my Mom and the Snow

Weekend in Arrowhead with just me and my mom = a truly fun, relaxing and memorable weekend. As I posted last week, I went to Arrowhead this past weekend, with mom, for our 2nd annual Scrapbooking retreat. It was put on by my friend Laurie (a creative memories consultant) and it was at the UCLA Conference Center, which is such a nice place. All meals were included, so we wouldn't worry about going into town for food and we have this huge room for cropping (thats scrapbooker speak) in case you didn't know. Everyone gets and 8 foot table (which is sooo mcuh space) to crop on and there are lots of extra tools there to use.

This year and last year (and at a couple other crops), Stephanie has brought her cricut machine. Man I love that thing, if I ever have the craft/sewing room that exists in my dreams, I will have a cricut with it's very own special table. The short explanation behind a cricut is that it is able to cut paper in a million (maybe an exaggeration) different ways, with different letter fonts, different holiday shapes, lots of animals, and borders and on and on. Anyway it is really cool, the cards I made below, were all through the use of cricut and made over the weekend, because I didn't have as much cropping inspiration as usual.

The other great thing about this past weekend was that it snowed. I love the snow. I love playing in it and being cold in it but I especially love eating it (I know, I know, I'm like 5 years old). One of my favorite things to eat on earth, is snow ice cream (fresh snow, milk and maple syrup), it is delicious. Most people have never heard of it or eaten it, but people love it when they try it. As a California girl, time in the snow is at a premium and some years go by with no snow trips at all, so I was so glad it snowed on Saturday in Arrowhead, made the trip completely perfect.

Last year at the retreat I made 40 something pages, this year I made 16 (fail on my part I guess), I was not as into it as I wanted to be, and I spent some time making cards, walking with my mom and two other croppers and finishing up some of the embroidered squares for the Jungle and Forest Friends quilt (post below). I took a photo of my favorite page of the weekend, which didn't translate will in the photograph, so it might not have the same impact as it does in person, but I love it anyway (plus it is snow themed).

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  1. I can attest to the yumminess of snow ice cream. Ferman was craving some went we went up to Big Bear a few months ago. You've got us hooked.