Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fabric Bowl and Hotpad

I took a class almost two weeks ago at Tanner's Sew and Vac in Westchester. My friend Lisa took the class and it was super fun. My mom and I went together and we came home with super easy to make fabric baskets and I added in a hot pad too. Since I wasn't fur sure what we were making in the class (I couldn't quite get my mind around the project) I brought brighter fabrics then I might otherwise have used, but I actually kind of love the end result and cheeriness factor of both pieces.

Joel Dewberry - Bird Pincushions (or something)

Made from Joel Dewberry's newish book. These little birds were super fun to make and pretty quick and easy too. The wings have hand-embroidery, per the pattern, which is the only part that slowed the process down. They need some perfecting. Hopefully the two people who will receive these in swap packages over the next week think they are as cute as I do.

Bee Mod Blocks Melissa and Shaina

Bee Mod Blocks for Shaina (non-wonky log cabins) with gorgeous Joel Dewberry and Melissa (the first set of blocks), who wanted 3 different blocks, including the half triangle ones. She is making a modern lime/pink Christmas quilt with her blocks. I am really curious to see how the triangle blocks play into her plan.