Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pillow Talk Swap

I have had these pictures for a few weeks, but like I said in my last post, I have been soooo low energy lately that blogging was even too much. Anyway below is my pillow from the Pillowtalk 3 Swap, made for Sparklygreenknickers, if you click on her name you can see the photo she took of my pillow, which was much nicer then the rush job I did with no insert on my desk chair at work. I know it is simpler than a lot of Pillowtalk pillows, but I really wanted highlight the hummingbird fabric, which I think I did well.

Below is the photo of the pillow I received on my couch. It is a lovely Dresden with my favorite modern meadow fabric and was made for me by allz i'm sewing is ..., as you can see my picture doesn't do it justice at all (guess I have to work on that). I am having major trouble with the viewfinder on my new camera, so I can't preview the pic until I see it on my computer, guess I should get Skywalker to fix that. Anyway you can see a better photo of my lovely pillow here. Sometimes when I watch TV on the couch I cuddle with it, because I love it so! In my pillow package I also got a lovely surprise of a really fun pin cushion, which I know want to make more of, you can see it here. It already lives on my sewing table all full of pin holes. I don't know whether or I like the pillow or pin cushion more...

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  1. Katie, I love that dresden. I freaking love that Joel Dewberry line, but I haven't been able to get my hands on any of the ones I *really* like. Always sold out. :(