Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mother's Day

Yes Mother's Day is in May, I know this, however presents for my mother in law got delayed this year, partially because of exhaustion and partially because I didn't see her for a few months, and I wanted to give them to her in person. I came up with this idea and bought all the materials back in Jan, with the intention of getting them completed on time. Intention counts for something right? Anyway when we planned a few weeks back to visit her last weekend I knew I had to get them done in time to give them to her in person, which I just barely made it by.

I originally had plans to make all the pieces more patchoworkey or possibly log-cabinish, but I realized simple was better for her, so I just highlighted one piece of Denyse Schmidt with each napkin/placemat combination and then also made them reversible. I think my mom was a little jealous when I showed her, I am sure she may get some for her birthday or Christmas or some other occasion. I forget what Kona was used for the white and the blue, I do know the white was not snow, but something a little more beige. I wish Kona Cottons had selvedges with labels so I could remember what I was using, since I don't have one of those fancy color cards.


  1. I think those placemats and napkins are fabulous! I love how the solids pull everything together and the Hope Valley can be the focal point.
    Well done!

  2. I love the print with the circles/dots! Beautiful job!

  3. Great gift idea! They look lovely.

  4. so pretty Katie! I love them, I think I will steal your idea for next year.