Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About a baby...

I really only thought it had been a few weeks since my last post, turns out a few weeks is really a month. Ooops, I have a backlog of crafty things to post about too. My only excuse is the fact that I have got a baby sitting in my belly and she seems to be sucking all my energy, so while I get it together with updates on projects I have made over the last month I will give you some photos of the first pink things I bought for our baby girl, due 12/24. I apologize in advance for the poor poor quality of the photos, they were taken this morning on my phone in terrible lighting, but I love the outfits so much, I just had to snap a shot and was then inspired to finally write a blog post. Also in case you can't tell the little pink coat is extra puffy and has little bear ears, and its lined in little pink polka dots. An extravagance (seeing as it came from Gap Kids), most definitely. A necessity, for sure!

More to come by weekends end, I promise. I have to get caught up before I head off to Vermont next weekend to meet Heather Ross and Liesl Gibson, because I am sure that will result in many posts or at least pictures.

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