Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All about Blueberry Hill....

I signed up to go to the Heather Ross sewing weekend at Blueberry Hill Inn way back in January. I made a deal with Skywalker that I would cut back on my Starbuck's habit in order to save the coin to go on the trip, which was actually very effective. I do realize that it is a little crazy to go across country to sew for the weekend, and tried to explain myself as best I could when I got lots of dumbfounded questions about my trip.

Anyway when I first signed up I really didn't know what to expect and was kind of just excited to meet Heather. As the weekend got closer I started planning projects and then we also found out that Liesl Gibson was coming, and I was pregnant, so it was a perfect opportunity to retry making clothes. However I was a little anxious too, I mean it's Heather and Liesl and they are famous (well in the sewing world). As the weekend got closer I was a little bit regretting what I had gotten myself into, it has been a little bit of a hard pregnancy and I just didn't know how smart it was for me (physically or emotionally) to spend the weekend away from home. But I was all paid up and my flight was purchased, so what choice did I have. Plus my friend Leslie was going too, and I didn't want to bail on her.

Both women were completely inspiring and helped new sewers complete projects and pushed veteran sewers into working on items out of their comfort zone. They were able to help people who didn't come with concrete ideas of what they wanted to accomplish create beautiful things. Throughout the weekend they checked in with all sewers to make sure progress was being made on the projects and that everyone was getting the help they needed, even if it wasn't asked for.

All my anxiousness was for nothing, because I really had the best time. Heather and Liesl are so extraordinarily friendly, welcoming, and helpful that I really couldn't help but be happy the whole time. I was worried about my energy level and being able to sew all day, but I happily made it until past midnight sewing away on both nights we were there. We got to sew in this really cool barn where all the cross country skies and snowshoes were kept, which made me want to come back in the winter.

Although there were minutes of frustration had by all, Heather and Liesl quickly came to the rescue when there were groans of frustration. All the women who attended were also extremely helpful and generous and happily shared supplies with those who needed a little extra fabric, a pretty button, some ribbon, or whatever else was needed.

To top it all off in addition to all the sewing that was done, we were also able to hang out and eat cheese and chocolate (and wine for some), go swimming in a beautiful lake, tap naps in the teepee that Heather set out in the field behind the barn, and pick blueberries from the Inn's blueberry bushes.

In short, Heather and Liesl are AMAZING. The weekend was one of the best weekends of my life and I think some long-distance friendships were forged amongst the sewing weekend attendees. Even the clothes we made became friends with each other.


  1. so jealous! looks like it was a lot of fun. :)

  2. oooh Im so sad I had to miss it!!!! But so very glad you had an amazing time, I could tell you were hesitant last time I saw you so this post is a relief. Next year for me......

  3. like you said, the weekend was more incredible than I ever hoped it would be!

    and congrats to you! how exciting!