Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recent productivity....

Although there are still quilt tops in the works, I have been productive with some other projects. One of my dear friends bridal shower was this past weekend, and I like to make gifts whenever I can, she had been looking at this reversible apron from the Santa Monica Main Street farmers market, and when I went to look at it with her one day I decided I could make her a similar version. A slightly adapted version of one of the aprons in A is for Apron was used. The adaptation mostly being making it reversible and with an adjustible neck. On a side note, I really love the aprons in this book, but really hate figuring out how to enlarge the apron patterns in the pack, total pain. Both aprons I have made from this book have turned out pretty cute though. Other gifts for the bride to be were a lingerie bag and a bathing suit/keep your electronics safe at the beach bag (cloth outer, with oil cloth inner). All three are pictured below.

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