Friday, February 5, 2010

Project's I am working on...

I am at heart a multi-tasker. I always work better with multiple projects going at once. I have a pile of needle felted polar bears that need to be finished, and I didn't even get through one (i did do the penguin though). I owe more than one person a quilted stuffed animal (and have multiple sets of fabric already cut out, but the zebra I made took sooo long, I am a little wary of those patterns. I am working on a quilt for a friends wedding, and want to do some hand appliqué onto it, but I feel that is a push at this point. The quilt I am making for the future baby of my best friend, is coming along so very slowly (due to the hand embroidered squares for it I am making) and I need to complete an apron that I haven't cut out the pattern for but I do have the fabric, ASAP in time for a bridal shower.

The point here is that I tend not to promise things anymore, but let gifts be surprises, and if people know they are getting something homemade, then I imagine an assumption about the items lateness usually occurs.

With all these projects in the works, I also needed to finish a belated Christmas present for a friend (could hardly be counted as a Christmas present this point right??), so on Saturday I made a bunch of (5) project bags (one for my mom, one for Bonnie, one for me and two as surprises). These bags were inspired by my friend Jamie's project bags. When she shared these at LAMQG show and tell two weeks ago, I knew I needed to whip some of these babies out, and I assumed they would be less complicated then either the apron or quilts I am working on. These were soooooo fun to make. I liked figuring out how to make a drawstring lined bag and was happy to make one little thing for myself (I had some very special pinks being saved for such an occasion). I already want to make more (and have a list of people in mind to receive them), and I want to adapt the idea to turn it into a drawstring shoulder/bag purse (which I am not allowed to make until some other projects are done). I also want to make a floppy doll with a pretty dress and a doll quilt that will all fit nicely into one of these bags. That project is definitely some time away.

Maybe posting all the projects here will bring them to accomplishment quicker. Accountability or something. Below are some of the project bags I made, including the one used in the Valentine's Day LAMQG swap.


  1. Oh oh oh! I see mine! It's wonderful, and I love it. Thank you again!!

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