Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to cure a migraine (yes it involved creating)!

I have had migraines since about age 13 (which means I have had migraines and dealt with headaches over half my life). Migraines suck. I have also suffered month (sometimes up to 6 months) long spells of chronic daily headaches (24/7), seriously good times. No solution works all the time, but todays solution is my favorite ever.

Anyway after a long weekend away from husband (aka Skywalker) and puppy, I was ready to come home and be loved and sew a little. Instead I came up and got smacked upside the head with my worst migraine in recent history. Skywalker took care of me so well, but there was really no helping it, lots of tears were shed, and then finally the delicious goodies that the best husband ever had been working on all evening were complete (homemade pecan pretzals and homemade pecan sticky buns). The magic of excedrin was finally winning the battle with my migraine when the deliciousness was ready to eat. My delicious and unhealthy dinner filled up my belly and migraine was gone. You may think the excedrin was the trick, but I think it was the sticky buns. Also to be fair, this can't really fall under the KatieMade category (all I did was the goopy sauce), so we can file this one under SkywalkerMade.

Maybe dancing Basil helped a little bit too.


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