Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Early Birthday

Hadn't gotten the mail since Friday and my mailbox was so full of fun. 3 packages!! A pile of rainbow solids from Pink Chalk Fabrics, some of Tanya Whelan's Docle fabric (which I admittedly don't love as much as I thought I would, but might cut up nice) and the best of all (and not craft related), my dear friend Ashlee bought me a Starbucks Travel Mug (from the original Starbucks) as a replacement for the one I bought when her and I had a road trip there the summer before last (my original one broke). Oh how these things brightened my day soooo much.
I haven't yet jumped on the solid bandwagon, but there is so much talk about solids during guild meetings and people make such beautiful solid-centric quilts, I figured maybe getting a rainbow to start with would be inspiring. Thinking about making a slight adaptation of the Paintbox Quilt featured in Oh, Franssons 2010 Paintbox Quilt Along. I need a good layer cake from Moda to start it out though.

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