Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I've been sewing lately...

Due to a relatively hectic schedule lately, my sewing has fallen a bit by the wayside. In fact until last week I hadn't sewn since my trip to Hawaii almost three weeks ago. Needless to say I have a pile of projects waiting to be made (including several Mother's Day gifts) that need to get finished sooner rather then later.

Tomorrow we leave for 8 days in Mexico, for a dear friends wedding. I offered to make this dear friend her Out of Town (OOT) gift bags for the wedding guests, just the bags mind you, not all the contents. I made 26 drawstring bags that are lined with laminated cotton. The idea behind these bags is that they can keep items dry at the beach, like and IPOD or camera, or can nicely carry your wet bathing suit home, without getting all the suitcase contents wet.

I loved making these, didn't have too much trouble with the laminated cotton, and I think the labels I ordered look really lovely. I hope the wedding guests love them like I do.

Maybe thats another thing to add to my yet created etsy store, OOT gift bags for weddings.

1 comment:

  1. They look great!

    I also have a list of inventory for my non-existing etsy store. :)