Monday, May 3, 2010


Although I am the sewer in our household, we both like to bake. Almost every month we bake goodies for the monthly celebration at Skywalker's office, sometimes people even make requests for what they want. Dear husband wanted to try to make macaroons for the April party (we had the best french macaroons while in London last fall). I was worried that they would be a disaster like some of our other baking adventures, but they turned out delicious. Well, I didn't get to try one, but thats what I heard. Skywalker dropped two off for my mom and dad after work, and my mom has already requested more. They weren't as hard as I thought they would be, but they weren't easy either, and they are super labor intensive for a relatively small amount. A nice heaping pile of them would have looked so lovely on those Liberty plates.


  1. Yummy. Can you make a few dozen for tonight's meeting.. Thanks! :)

  2. YUM!

    Ok, I had to laugh at "sewer" though. I was like, "Why is she the sewer?" As where the toilet flushes. :)