Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sewing lessons and new pillowcases....

Blog posting of late has been hard, due to the death of our home computer. Skywalker is researching us a new one now and we may have it at home tonight. I have some backlogged posts in my head, so as soon as I get it together, there should be a couple of new posts.

Anyway two Saturdays ago a good friend of mine (L) came over to spend the day with me, she had never used a sewing machine before and wanted to learn. I wanted to pick a pattern that would be easy enough to finish in one setting and would be fun for her to have in her house. So I decided that we should use Ashley's (from Film in the Fridge) pillowcase tutorial (which I had wanting to make anyway). I borrowed my mom's machine (we have the same one) so that we could sew side my side and then L could see what I was sewing and follow suit. Even on my small circular kitchen table this worked really well, and I think L found it helpful.

First stop was Urban Craft Center to pick fabric (UCC is so close to me that I go there almost once a week to pick up another yard or two of fabric, for my slowly growing fabric stash). L picked some fabric from the Hunky Dory by Chez Moi fabric line (which I think I need all of now) and I picked some of Alexander Henry's Granville fabric, which may be my new favorite, both the pink and the blue.

After fabric I taught L about some of the mechanics of using a sewing machine; threading a needle, winding a bobbin, stitch length, seem width, etc. Then we got sewing, we practiced cutting and sewing scrap pieces together so she could get the feel of the machine and I could adjust my machines every increasing thread tension problems. Overall it was a success as we both made two beautiful pillowcase and I really couldn't decide which set I loved more. What do you think?

These were promptly washed (we didn't prewash, so we had to adjust the pattern a bit) and but on our otherwise mind numbingly all blue (aka boring bed) and have made me super happy ever since. I am already ready to make more, and maybe have a stockpile on hand for some presents throughout the year.


  1. These are too cute. I guess I need to make some myself. You will have to show me.

  2. I would be happy to do a lesson for these with you Leslie, I need to make another set or two for mothers day.

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