Monday, September 20, 2010

Homemade Presents for Baby C

This isn't a post about what I made for baby C, but every time I see this little sweater laying on our bureau I get so excited to see her in it. It's the first homemade present she has received (aside from what I made her). Too bad she isn't coming this fall, because its the perfect colors. Eeee... it is so little and so tiny!

Sweater Details: Made by Bonnie, with hand-dyed wool yarn from Vermont.

Bee Mod Blocks for Jane - Long Overdue

It's been months since I posted bee block pictures, but the last set didn't make it out of my house with a picture being taken, so that's why there's been some delay. Also these blocks were a month late, so there's that too. These blocks were hard to give up. I loved making them and loved the finish product, and can not wait to see the quilt that these go in to. Brown and aqua are one of my favorite color combos, so no wonder these were so fun!

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap

Well another swap completed. Not sent, yet, but completed. We aren't allowed to send these babies until at least 10/1, but I have a million swaps this month amongst other projects to be completed before baby C's arrival, so I wanted to get one done.

My partner requested the use of Orange, or at least listed it as her favorite. The task was to create a scrappy mug rug, you can see more of the ones created here. The one I made is also reversible, and I can't decide which side I like better. The bicycles was intended to be the front, but either way is cute, I think. Also, I made a little matching drawstring bag, because I think you can't ever have enough drawstring bags.

Why would you need a mug rug you might ask? Well you don't REALLY need one, but can't you imagine one sitting on your desk in your cubicle/office at work holding your coffee mug? Or sipping a leisurely latte on a Sunday and being able to place your mug on something so cute? I know those are some of my plans for whatever one I receive in return.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dish Towels

I made these months ago, but I still love them just as much. The pictures don't do them justice. Wiping up kitchen spills with coffee cup fabric makes me soooo happy. It's the small things right. I found the coffee fabric at Micael Levine's in Downtown LA. I sadly don't know what it is.