Monday, September 20, 2010

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap

Well another swap completed. Not sent, yet, but completed. We aren't allowed to send these babies until at least 10/1, but I have a million swaps this month amongst other projects to be completed before baby C's arrival, so I wanted to get one done.

My partner requested the use of Orange, or at least listed it as her favorite. The task was to create a scrappy mug rug, you can see more of the ones created here. The one I made is also reversible, and I can't decide which side I like better. The bicycles was intended to be the front, but either way is cute, I think. Also, I made a little matching drawstring bag, because I think you can't ever have enough drawstring bags.

Why would you need a mug rug you might ask? Well you don't REALLY need one, but can't you imagine one sitting on your desk in your cubicle/office at work holding your coffee mug? Or sipping a leisurely latte on a Sunday and being able to place your mug on something so cute? I know those are some of my plans for whatever one I receive in return.


  1. What is the bike fabric? I think I love the bag even more than the rug mug - so cool!